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Hi, welcome to Dietitian Johna! 

I created this website for people who enjoy eating and learning about nutrition but hate to cook.

As a busy family mom, I went through a phase myself where I hated cooking. I was either tired or uninspired. Surfing through a sea of recipes with long ingredient lists or ingredients I’d only use once didn’t help.

Maybe you’re a busy parent, too. Or nobody taught you how to cook but you’re kind of interested in learning even though it’s not your jam. Perhaps cooking has been a daunting task for you and you’re looking for ways to simplify it. 

Whatever your reason is, I’m here to help you approach healthy eating and cooking with less fear and more cheer. After all, you do have a life to enjoy outside of the kitchen. 

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Picture of dietitian Johna Burdeos

I grew up in a happy home with a variety of foods, different from my motherland, the Philippines. I didn’t start eating vegetables though until the age of 10; my parents didn’t pressure me. My first lessons in meal prep were in the heydays of latchkey kid freedom…convenience meals galore.

Fast forward to now and I’m a seasoned Registered Dietitian mom, who enjoys trying new foods, and sharing simple tips to help people eat healthier and bust mealtime boredom and cooking blahs.


  • Inpatient hospital, outpatient counseling, and long-term care.
  • Bachelor’s of Science degree in Food and Nutrition from San Diego State University.
  • Internship at Massachusetts General Hospital.

My NUTRITION PHILOSOPHY is MVP + JOY:  Eating one apple won’t make you healthy just as eating one chocolate chip cookie won’t make you unhealthy. It’s about Moderation, Variety, Patterns, and JOY.


As a dietitian, I provide my expertise to the media, sharing evidence-based approaches to nutrition. I enjoy sharing easy-to-digest information with the public. I have been quoted in: Eat This, Not That!, Very Well Health, Martha Stewart, HuffPost, Yahoo!, and other publications. 


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